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Policy Changes Effective Monday May 1, 2019
Click on any available time to request a booking. Maximum booking times allotted are 30 minutes. You are agreeing to be contacted by email for confirmation notifications and payment options (if any) related to this booking.
There are no fees for any initial booking appointments, Monday-Friday.

Saturday booking appointments are $79.95 and are prepaid prior to the appointment time.
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Booking details and instructions are sent 45-60 minutes prior to each booked time by email to all parties involved in the booked appointment.

The Cost for rescheduled bookings are: 30 minutes (M-F) $49.95, 30 minutes (Saturday) $79.95.
Bookings may be canceled or rescheduled for up to 3 hrs. prior to the scheduled time.
There is no fee to reschedule or cancel bookings within the time allowed. Fees do apply for any re-booked appointments that are rescheduled outside of this parameter. Saturday bookings follow the same prices listed above regardless of Initial request.

ALL Appointments are for the set period of time. Appointments are started and ended on time to allow for the next appointment to have the same time period for training.

We cannot hold appointments more than 10 minutes after the scheduled time. If the Appointment is missed it will be canceled and will have to be rescheduled at a new available time.

Payment for rescheduled appoints must be made prior to scheduling and can be made here:

Pay Online

Thank you, we look forward to speaking with you!

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